[Photo by Mohaimen Huria]

[Photo by Mohaimen Huria]

Meet The Artist

Behind every pair of eyes is a mind filled with memories and thoughts belonging to a life unknown. Alike in our estrangement, as individuals we are all unique and seldom display the truths we possess inside. It is my belief that we are each apart of something larger and are destined to teach one another through our experiences. This unyielding desire to connect draws me to photograph people and their rituals; exploring relationships, intimacy, and the many facets of our individual identities. Only through awareness and compassion can we grow to see the beauty in our surroundings, and feel the power and strength of every story.

Adriana Sánchez Huria is a portrait photographer based in Northern California and willing to travel through the Bay Area and abroad! Westcoast transplant since 2017, she graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with honors and a BFA in photography; living and working in the city for 10 years. Ms. Sánchez has a genuine passion for working with all subjects seeking a deeper experience through portraiture; working to achieve something unexpected and real. She is available for editorial commissions, as well as portrait sessions, weddings and events!

Adriana also runs the analog portrait studio that is available with Huria’s Mediterranean woodfired catering — a mobile pop-up run together with her husband, Chef Mohaimen Huria.


2017 Time Horizon's Video Screening, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY
2017 F-Stop Magazine, Issue #81: Love
2017 Feature Shoot's "The Print Swap"
2016 WE:AMEricans, Station Independent Projects Gallery, New York, NY
2016 Fishing for Iconography II, A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, TX
2015 See.Me, Exposure Award: The Body Collection, New York, NY
2012 YoungBlood: Homecoming; “Just Between Us,” ArtSeen Gallery, Miami, FL
2012 SVA Thesis Group Show, SVA Eastside Gallery, New York, NY
2012 The Mentors Show, The Visual Arts Gallery, New York, NY
2010 SVA Solo Photo Exhibit; “My America,” SVA Eastside Gallery, New York, NY
2010 “YoungBlood: New World MIXX; “Strangers Like Us,” ArtSeen Gallery, Miami, FL
2008 SVA Group Photo Show, SVA Gallery, New York, NY